MESA2024 is a IEEEE conference sponsored by the IEEE-ITSS and co-sponsored by the ASME DED division. Special thanks to such important sponsors for their valuable support.

The goal of the 20th ASME/IEEE MESA 2024 is to bring together experts from the fields of mechatronic and embedded systems, disseminate the recent advances in the area, discuss future research directions, and exchange application experience. MESA 2024 will especially bring out and highlight the latest research results and developments in Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the fields of mechatronics and embedded systems.

MESA2024 is an “in-person” multi-track conference.

The submission system is only open for the INDUSTRIAL SESSION.

Submissions will be subject to a quick review process as indicated in the Instruction4Authors section.

The Easychair platform for submissions can be accessed via the following link URL:


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